CHOPS Pomade Strong Hold Is Back!
CHOPS Pomade Strong Hold Is Back!
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About Us


CHOPS Pomade Hair Company has fought consistently and vigorously to create grooming products since their start in 2015.

5 years in the hair product industry, CHOPS has gone through many design and name changes but their products just keep getting more superior.

When asked the creator, Joseph Anthony, their vision of CHOPS Pomade Hair Co. in the beginning, he enthusiastically responded,

“At first, there was no vision. I went into the lab and spoke with them but never explained to them what I wanted. What I did explain was what I didn’t want and this product was to be something with a strong hold. Then it just hit me (snaps fingers), I was aware what was out in the market at the time and I didn’t want it to mimic anything anyone has used before. Working in and being around barbershop’s for 20 years, I’ve tried it all and used it all, so I didn’t want it to be over scented or too shiny like 99% of the products on the market who base their product sales on the scent or shine of their product. I also wanted my product to be able to wash out effortlessly. I made this product so that it wasn’t like the rest and that was the true vision as I went through the process of creating this product.”

Known for their ‘Strong Hold, Low Shine’ light coconut scented pomade, this non greasy, non sticky, water-based product hits the nail right on the head. Their clear 4 oz. glass jars with a simple black font label screams contemporary with their ‘less is more’ look. There is not an another product out there that compares.


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Give it a try. We promise you’ll love it just as much as we do.